Hi, my name's Chim and I love to yell at pixels on a screen.

It sounds crazy I know, but it's a passion turned hobby turned addiction, oops. Ever since I was a kid, I'd watch soccer games with my dad and close my eyes as I listened. My dad would get mad at me for not following the game but I told him that I knew exactly what was going on. I was about seven at the time and decided that I would become a professional sports commentator- forget my previous dream of a full-time ice cream truck driver. 

Fast forward three years and I discovered standup. Forget sports broadcasting, I'm going to be a standup comedian. I even wrote a full show and performed it in front of my family; they laughed! I decided that if I could make losers I call "brother", "mother", and "father" laugh, I could make anybody laugh. One year later and I'm eleven years old and League of Legends is rising in popularity. LoL was probably the first e-sports scene I followed, and boy did I love it.

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      Welcome. We are Pixel Industry, web agency based in Croatia, Europe. We design and develop premium PSD, HTML and WordPress themes, free and premium jQuery and WordPress plugins. You can see more of our work on our official web page. We are vailable for custom work, so if you need modern and professional web design don't hesitate to contact us.